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Mouse Trap!


I bet your thinking about playing the game mouse trap when you were a kid, and yelling that out when you won!  Well, this has nothing to do with that.  It has to do with the Pinterest Challenge done by Young House Love and BowerPower.  Two other amazing bloggers participate in this event as well, so go check out The Remoldeled Life and Decor and the Dog.  I’ve been reading about their Pinterest Challenge ever since they started these unofficial challenges.  Now that I have a blog, I decided…..Chica Get On That!  I need to quit pinning a bazillion things and actually put more of those pins into action.  I have way to many pins existing in cyber space.

So my inspiration came from Ella Claire and the awesome idea she did for her family room. We are in a redo of our teenage daughters room, and you know how teenagers LOVE to hang up photos, quotes, etc….  So in comes this cute design by Ella Claire that I saw that involves……


Yes mouse traps!  I can’t stand mice, but this doesn’t involve any of those little creatures, so I’m in.

First you have to remove everything except the spring-loaded arm part.  You can just use a pair of needle nose pliers for this because everything pops off easily.


Then you need to sand anything down that isn’t smooth on the face of the trap.  I had to smooth that little “V” and mouse point thing down.  Then paint them whatever color you want.  We picked white since her room is going to be white, beige, and teal.  (Sorry for the weird lines in the photo, but I paint on the torn trampoline mat that is still on the frame because our kids have outgrown it. It keeps it off the ground and works amazingly well.)


Next decide what you would like to paint on the top portion.  You can select numbers, letters, designs, or just leave blank.  My daughter wanted her initials, so we picked a font she liked and did the letters the size we needed in Word with WordArt.  (Please excuse the beige tint in the pictures, I couldn’t get the white balance to work right.)

Next I colored the back of the paper with colored chalk so I could trace it on to the mouse trap.  You could also cut a stencil out on your Cricut or Silhouette.  I have a Cricut, but need a new mat and was too lazy to go to town.  You opt for Plan B when you live in the country, and don’t want to make the trek to town.  Therefore I did it this way.  Once you color the back of the paper (to make tracing paper), then place the chalk side down and trace around the letter.



Here is the chalk letter that remains on the trap once you trace it.


Next paint your letter that you traced on to the trap. Pick a contrasting color so your design will pop.  I then sanded the edges and letter to give it a distressed look (since her room will have a vintage edge to it).


Here is a close up of one of the letters so that you can see the distressing.


Once she finally decided on pictures to put in the mouse trap clips, we printed them out on the computer.   We placed the pictures in the clip, and it holds it very tightly. We attached it to the board with those Command velcro type strips.  The ideas are limitless because you could hang kids artwork, memos, pictures, or quotes in these.

These were fun to make, and only cost under $2 for a 2-pack.  The paint we already had.  Scroll back up to the first paragraph and go check out all the other ideas on the linked blog sites.


Decide what you need to hang on these cute clips and get to creating.  Remember…..



Linking Up


This is my first go at linking up to all the Linky Parties I google over each week.  There are tons of creative ideas out there from lots of talented bloggers.  I get lost in admiring all their amazing work and ideas.  There are lots of ideas you can tweak to your own taste and design style.  Go visit these Linky Parties (Show Me What Ya Got and Transformation Tuesday) and set your creativity free!

Go check them out at their sites.

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This Is How We Roll On Saturday Morning


We woke Saturday morning before to roosters to hit the road and check out the HGTV and Junk Gypsy garage sale battle. About 8:45 we arrived at Sale #1 and the crowd was crazy. If you wanted it you better keep a hand on it, because if you walk away someone else grabbed it.  It was funny to watch folks.  HGTV had you sign release forms as you entered each sale, incase you might be seen in the crowd on their show.  How cool would that be! We did grab some goods that we have great ideas to repurpose for the casa. Plus, my daughter and I got a few great photos with two ladies who greatly inspire us.

photo-1  photo-2

At Sale #1 we picked up a picture frame with great wood detail and a burlap trim, and a wooden dish rack.




(I’m so digging Ranell’s hair.  Mine is naturally curly/frizzy and I’m really liking her style.)


At Sale #2 our son scored these porcelain insulators that he has a great idea for repurposing them.  Right now it’s involving a vintage TX map if we can find one.


We had a great family trip and enjoyed spending time together.

(**This post is dedicated to my awesome children who graciously pointed out all the blogs I follow include their children.  I reminded them I’m on post #1, just started, and have not got there yet, but now I have on post #2.  Hope this fills their heart because I love you and wouldn’t leave you out of anything! Virtual hugs and kisses to each of you!)

New TV Media Stand for Creating with the Stars Contest


I’ve been wanting to start a blog, but I am still having some difficulties with a self hosted blog.  Time is definitely running out because I had to get something up and going so I could enter the East Coast Creative Blog contest of Creating With The Stars.  So enter a free blog site.  I figure I can move it over once I get all the bugs worked out.  We are really hoping our project is selected in their competition.

We finally finished our TV Media stand.  WooHoo!!!  It took several years because we had ideas floating around in our head, but couldn’t pin anything down.  Finally it all came together.   Some old windows, old barn lumber (from a barn we tore down years ago), old tin, and some metal.


I drew up our idea, and my super talented hubby welded the basic frame.  I cut pieces of  barn lumber to make the top, trim out the front and sides, and cover the metal legs.  I also gently sanded to old window frames and coated it and all the lumber with a sanding sealer.  We made the sides out of old rusty tin, and had new panes cut for the windows.



It has a space for all of our media items as well as a few decor items.



Now we have an original piece of furniture that we built!  We love it!