This Is How We Roll On Saturday Morning


We woke Saturday morning before to roosters to hit the road and check out the HGTV and Junk Gypsy garage sale battle. About 8:45 we arrived at Sale #1 and the crowd was crazy. If you wanted it you better keep a hand on it, because if you walk away someone else grabbed it.  It was funny to watch folks.  HGTV had you sign release forms as you entered each sale, incase you might be seen in the crowd on their show.  How cool would that be! We did grab some goods that we have great ideas to repurpose for the casa. Plus, my daughter and I got a few great photos with two ladies who greatly inspire us.

photo-1  photo-2

At Sale #1 we picked up a picture frame with great wood detail and a burlap trim, and a wooden dish rack.




(I’m so digging Ranell’s hair.  Mine is naturally curly/frizzy and I’m really liking her style.)


At Sale #2 our son scored these porcelain insulators that he has a great idea for repurposing them.  Right now it’s involving a vintage TX map if we can find one.


We had a great family trip and enjoyed spending time together.

(**This post is dedicated to my awesome children who graciously pointed out all the blogs I follow include their children.  I reminded them I’m on post #1, just started, and have not got there yet, but now I have on post #2.  Hope this fills their heart because I love you and wouldn’t leave you out of anything! Virtual hugs and kisses to each of you!)


About Shannon

I'm a working mom who has a love for repurposing on the cheap. I work full time, take care of an elderly aunt and uncle, and still find time to fuel my creative juices. My hubby, G, is my greatest partner in marriage and creativity. He loves to weld and create out of metal. Together we cover all kinds of projects. I'm an engineer, and he builds equipment for manufacturing. So together we make an awesome team! We love to go junkin' to jump start our creative side on things we can make for our home. It's now becoming a family affair with the kids. They are really getting into creating items from stuff we find at flea markets. Both kids have picked up on the welding aspect, so now it's my turn to learn. I love to see their creativity blossom! Come look around this site, and join us on our creative adventure! We hope we encourage you to take that step and just get started. It's all about setting your creative spirit free!

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  1. Looks like . . . so. much. FUN!!! I cannot bee-lieve I didn’t hear about this!! Love. love. love me some Junk Gypsies and love your new blog! We Texas Girls need to stick together so i am your newest follower, and would love for you to do the same! Also curious, what part of our great state do you call home?


    Jennifer @

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