DIY Furniture Frame Repair


Sometimes we think “you can’t have nice things with kids”.  I know as our kids are reading this their eyes are rolling back in their head.  Last week one of them sat on the couch and we heard this loud pop.  It really wasn’t their fault, but rather the cheaper furniture construction that is done these days.

You have to understand that I’m married to Mr. Frugal Fix It, and I thank God for putting us together because he saves us lots of moola.  He is super talented, and amazingly creative at coming up with ways to fix things.


I knew that he could fix it instead of having to haul it to a upholestry shop.  Once he could see what happened, I knew he would have a fix for it.  After you see how easy this can be repaired, you will be able to tackle your own furniture repairs!

First we flipped the broken part of the sectional on its side., then pulled the staples off the black fabric that is usually on the bottom of furniture.  Just use pliers to pull those staples out.

couchonside  Couchbackoff

Once we could pull the black fabric down, we saw the cause of the break.  There was a big knot in the wood where a another piece was connected to it.  The breaking of this knot caused the bump you can see farther back on the upholstery in the picture below.



Here’s what it looked like inside.  You can see where that knot broke out and weakened that joint.  Which later caused it to break.


The first thing G did was to gather the finish nail gun, and the enormous amount of air hose.  Good thing he has hundreds of feet of hose (I could line my shoes end to end and not reach this far).  I mean really, look at all this hose.

couchairhose2 Couchairhose3

Next he cut a piece of 3/4 inch plywood in a rectangle to scab this joint together.


This is the support that came out when the other part broke.


He had to glue this support back into place, so the part where the knot was would go back into place.  He put wood glue on the joint, clamped it together, and then nailed it with the finish nail gun.



Fixing this support brought the broken part back in line.  Next he glued together what was left on the knot joint.


Then he took his 3/4 inch plywood piece, and glued it to that support he fixed earlier with the clamp and to this joint.  Once it was glued and put in place, he used the finish nail gun to nail it into place.  On the part that is glued to the knot joint, he just angled the nail in to the plywood so it would catch the bottom knot joint board.  He put in several nails to hold this in place.

couchglueboard couchfixboard

couchfixboardnail couchfixboardnailknot

That’s all he did.  It was done!  All I needed to do to finish it was to staple the fabric back onto the bottom of the couch.


So in a few hours we had it fixed and good as new.  We just let it sit for 24 hours so the glue had time to dry.  I hope that this calms your fears next time you hear that “crack” in a piece of your furniture.  This is a lot cheaper than paying someone to fix it for you.  I hope you will pull off that fabric and take a look to see if you can just fix it yourself.


About Shannon

I'm a working mom who has a love for repurposing on the cheap. I work full time, take care of an elderly aunt and uncle, and still find time to fuel my creative juices. My hubby, G, is my greatest partner in marriage and creativity. He loves to weld and create out of metal. Together we cover all kinds of projects. I'm an engineer, and he builds equipment for manufacturing. So together we make an awesome team! We love to go junkin' to jump start our creative side on things we can make for our home. It's now becoming a family affair with the kids. They are really getting into creating items from stuff we find at flea markets. Both kids have picked up on the welding aspect, so now it's my turn to learn. I love to see their creativity blossom! Come look around this site, and join us on our creative adventure! We hope we encourage you to take that step and just get started. It's all about setting your creative spirit free!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. It looks very easy to do. I hope it really does easy to make because i have the same problem with my furniture. We actually haven’t use it for days now and after seeing this i think i know what’s the problem of it. Will let my huband also check this post! Thanks! -

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