Bracken-man Has Got It Going On


This project was thought up and done by our son.  Hence the title of this post.  So did you read the post title and start singing “Stacy’s Mom Has Got it Going On”?  (Because I totally did!)

Remember back on this post about the Junk Gypsy Garage Sale Battle that we went to?  Well here is the purchase made by our son, 5 insulators.  He had an idea to use these.


Almost 2 weeks ago he found a map repo on eBay to use for this project.  So this week while he was home for spring break, project insulator was done.

First thing he did was trim the border off the map, then measured and cut the piece of wood to fit the map.  The wood backing he used was from an old poster frame.



Next he used modge podge to attach the map to the board.  He also used a roller to make sure the map stuck all over to the wood.

mapmodge mapmodge2

This was left to dry overnight before he continued.  The next day he prepared the insulators by first cutting off the long bolt attached to them.  To do this he used a man’s favorite tool……the zip cut.  I asked him what did people do before they invented zip cuts, and he said “On the 5th day God created the zip cut, then on the 6th day he made man to use it.”  Anything that throws sparks makes my hubs and son happy.  After cutting off the attached bolt, he used a grinder to make the end smooth.’

mapgrindstem mapgrindstem1

Now here is where it can be easier or complicated.  I would have attached the insulators with E6000 glue, but he and his dad chose a different route.  They opted to use it on the lathe to drill and tap a hole to screw it to the wood.  Here are some pic’s to show you that process.


Once all 5 had a hole drilled in them, he had to figure out the placement.  First he drew a star template so that he could mark the location of the points of the star.

mapstar mapstarlayout

Once the 5 points were marked, he drilled a hole for each one to be able to attach the insulators.  Before he drilled the hole he place a piece of scotch tape over the mark so the drill didn’t tear the map.


Next was to screw in each insulator from the back.

mapinsulatorplaceAfter all 5 were screwed in, it was time to bend the barbed wire.  Since he gathered a weathered piece from the pasture, we laid towels over the map to collect the rust.  This was a 3 person job, because we needed all the hands we could to hold and bend the barbed wire.



Once his star pattern was drawn, he had to tie the two ends back together.  To do this they tried different things, but settled on a piece of leather cording.

mapleather mapleather1

That is it.  He now has an awesome picture to hang on his wall that he thought up and created all on his own.  Thank you Junk Gypsies for being an inspiration, and supplying the items that sparked his creativity.


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