Dandelion Chair


Spring is finally here in Texas, well outside of this 2 day cool spell we just had.  However it should be close to 80 this weekend.  One of my most favorite things about spring is this…..


Dandelions!  I love these.  I love to pick them and watch them blow in the wind.  So this was my inspiration for a recent chair project.

My Nana passed away almost 4 years ago, and I got this old chair when we were cleaning out her house.  She used this on her small patio.  I love the look of this chair, wanted to do something special with it, but never knew exactly were to go with it.  Is it in perfect condition – No.  Does it have character – Yes.  Is it special to me – Yes!


The first thing I did was sand it down to remove the paint.  The back thin wood was a little warped from being outside, but I didn’t want to repair it and mess it up.  So we used wood glue and tried to smooth the back out the best we could.

I went shopping looking for a beautiful blue paint color that reminded me of the sky.  As I was looking at paint chips at Home Depot, I walked past the mis-tint shelf.  I looked over all the paint cans, and there it was, a quart of the perfect blue paint.  How lucky I was because it was also at the perfect price of $2.  Thanks Home Depot for such a beautiful mis-tint.

Once the glue was dried, I began painting the chair.


I then let it dry overnight as I tried to figure out how I would paint the dandelions on it.  The next day, I finally came up with a pattern and lightly drew it on the back with a piece of white chalk.  I tried to tint this picture so that you could see the very light pattern I drew.


Yes the wood is a little bumpy, but we were afraid removing that would really mess up the chair back due to how it was attached.  So we left it for added character, and to remind me of how Nana used it outside on her patio.

Then I took a bottle of white acrylic paint I already had and began painting over my pattern.

chairpaintingAs I painted I had great support from my entertaining daughter.  This girl makes me laugh! I painted as she recited Ag questions to me to study for her test.


Here is the finished chair.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!  It has that look of spring, and now just needs the perfect spot.  Hope it makes you think of those fun times of being outside picking dandelions, and watching them blow in the wind.

chairfinal2                                      ChairClose

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About Shannon

I'm a working mom who has a love for repurposing on the cheap. I work full time, take care of an elderly aunt and uncle, and still find time to fuel my creative juices. My hubby, G, is my greatest partner in marriage and creativity. He loves to weld and create out of metal. Together we cover all kinds of projects. I'm an engineer, and he builds equipment for manufacturing. So together we make an awesome team! We love to go junkin' to jump start our creative side on things we can make for our home. It's now becoming a family affair with the kids. They are really getting into creating items from stuff we find at flea markets. Both kids have picked up on the welding aspect, so now it's my turn to learn. I love to see their creativity blossom! Come look around this site, and join us on our creative adventure! We hope we encourage you to take that step and just get started. It's all about setting your creative spirit free!

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  1. I too LOVE dandelions! I like that you used chalk as a pattern and I like the color choice. The finished project is B-E-A-utiful! A job well done I’d say.
    – Dusty.

    • Thank you for your sweet comment. We live in the country so we get them in the pasture sometimes. They just speak spring to me, and remind me of childhood wishes.

    • Thank you so much for the invite, I linked up. I’m just getting started and greatly appreciate your kindness! Love the easy meals you have, which is one of my weaknesses. I will definitely be visiting for mealtime ideas.

  2. Love, love, love it!! And the spoon cuff bracelet too! You could sell those girl!! We have a cvute little shop here who would be interested I bet if you are. I could hook yall up! Or maybe you could send her one or two so she could see how they sell! Anyway – Warrenton was amazing as usual, but my hubby is NOT a shopper and he was keeping me on a short leash this trip by bringing the Honda instead of my usual ride to Antiques Week (his diesel truck). Just rearranged my craft room and am in the market for some funky shelves for one wall but nothing that fit in the budget fit in the trunk :o( Luckily – there is always October and i will be back! We should hook up!

    Cheers – Jen

    • Thank you, what a sweet comment. I’d love to check out her store. We’ve been thinking about doing something like that. I’m lucky because my hubs like to shop Warrenton as much as I do. We usually go Spring & Fall also. I would love to meet up and meet you.

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