Seeds For Sale


This week our daughter had a need to be creative, so I found a piece I bought Texas Antiques Week.  I found this and knew it would be perfect with the seed bin.

First she gathered supplies.  Some scrapbook paper and Tim Holtz grunge letters.


She took this vintage sign stand and began cutting paper to fit in the top.  Next she punched out the letters she needed ad painted them yellow so that they would show up on the sign.

seedsignpaper                seedsignletters

She glued the letters on and then assembled it.  It was like what I had in my mind, only better because my daughter made it!  Plus it looks amazing on top of the seed bin, and adds a touch of fun.  It’s kind of hard to get everything in a picture, so here is one from a distance and one up close.

seedsign2      seedsign1     seedsign3

It is perfect with a few imperfections that add a little whimsy to it.  I’m just proud that she did the whole thing and was being creative.  Now I just need to get on a painted sign, picture, or something to go to the right of that big clock.


About Shannon

I'm a working mom who has a love for repurposing on the cheap. I work full time, take care of an elderly aunt and uncle, and still find time to fuel my creative juices. My hubby, G, is my greatest partner in marriage and creativity. He loves to weld and create out of metal. Together we cover all kinds of projects. I'm an engineer, and he builds equipment for manufacturing. So together we make an awesome team! We love to go junkin' to jump start our creative side on things we can make for our home. It's now becoming a family affair with the kids. They are really getting into creating items from stuff we find at flea markets. Both kids have picked up on the welding aspect, so now it's my turn to learn. I love to see their creativity blossom! Come look around this site, and join us on our creative adventure! We hope we encourage you to take that step and just get started. It's all about setting your creative spirit free!

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