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Vintage Drilling


As you probably know y now, I love old vintage things.  Anything from furniture, tools, industrial pieces, and home decor.  One thing I’m always drawn to is the old hand tools.  I’ve always thought the old hand drills were pretty neat, and I love to check them out.  I wanted one, but I just didn’t know what to do with it.  Then I stumbled upon Funky Junk Interiors, and got the idea from her.  She does some pretty amazing things.  With God on our side, I had a coworker/friend who gave us her dad’s old hand drill.  How nice is that? Here she is with our son at his graduation a year ago.

Patdrill                             HandDrill

I took the inspiration from Funky Junk Interiors, some old fence boards, and got started on it.  I measured the drill to determine how big the crate would be, and  from these measurements I cut all the pieces with a miter saw.


The next step was to use the finish nailer to build the bottom box.


Next I needed to drill holes in the top of the sides for the drill to slip into for the handle.  The actual handle part had to have a slit cut in the wood so it would slide down in to it.  The other end was just screwed together once it was through the hole.  Then it was all nailed together with the finish nailer.

Don’t be jealous of my mismatched work clothes.  Apparently I didn’t match my Garanimal tags.

sideholesdrill    slotdrill    Nailitdrill

Here is what the finished project looks like.  I love it, and so did my friend.

finishdrill            finishdrill2

Here is a close up of the handles inserted into the ends.

handledrill      enddrill

If you have any old family tools, gather them up, and look at them from a different perspective.  Who knows what you could build with them.  Just get creative.


Seeds For Sale


This week our daughter had a need to be creative, so I found a piece I bought Texas Antiques Week.  I found this and knew it would be perfect with the seed bin.

First she gathered supplies.  Some scrapbook paper and Tim Holtz grunge letters.


She took this vintage sign stand and began cutting paper to fit in the top.  Next she punched out the letters she needed ad painted them yellow so that they would show up on the sign.

seedsignpaper                seedsignletters

She glued the letters on and then assembled it.  It was like what I had in my mind, only better because my daughter made it!  Plus it looks amazing on top of the seed bin, and adds a touch of fun.  It’s kind of hard to get everything in a picture, so here is one from a distance and one up close.

seedsign2      seedsign1     seedsign3

It is perfect with a few imperfections that add a little whimsy to it.  I’m just proud that she did the whole thing and was being creative.  Now I just need to get on a painted sign, picture, or something to go to the right of that big clock.



I’ve started collecting yard sticks, because one day I want to have enough to cover the top of a table.  I always see them, but the size is never what I need.  So being the true DIY’ers that we are, we just say “We will just do our own”.

As I was looking for something to keep these in I came across this little gem that I used in our son’s room to store toys. (Here’s when I realize time flies because that was 15 years ago.)

barell2                      barell1

His room was done in a western theme, because he was all about the bull riding and Walker Texas Ranger back then.  However, this is not what the style I was looking for now.  But hey, nothing a little paint job can’t fix.  So out comes the chalk paint.  I decided on white because I knew exactly what was going on there.


After it was painted and waxed, I gathered up a few things we’ve been buying as we see awesome Texas Country Music Artist, go to a cool store, or just find something that speaks to us.  So here is what I gathered up.


Oh yea, you know we are huge Junk Gypsy  fans (our daughter has a true gypsy heart already at age 14) and Casey Donahew fans.  Plus we love listening to lots of Texas Country Artists (Matt Stell for one), Miranda Lambert, Dierks, Blake, Luke, and tons of other country artists.  I decided to put these stickers all over this little barrel to represent all the fun times we’ve had.   I just realized we didn’t get a Pink Pistol sticker to put on there.  I guess it’s another mom and daughter trip to go back there.  You can read about our trip there here.

I put the stickers on with Modge Podge.  I had two that were made out of a material that was a little stubborn about sticking, so I just applied a little tacky glue to the back.

barell5                   barell6

Once the Modge Podge dried it was ready to hold the yard sticks I’ve accumulated so far.  So here it is all finished, reminding us fun family times, and storing my yard sticks.

barell7a                    finishbarellb

(Sorry these pictures look a little blurry, but when I pull them up individually on the computer they look fine.  Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.)

Hopefully one day I’ll have this sucker covered in stickers.  I better start hitting the Texas Artist trail a little more!  Plus I still have a whole lotta yard sticks to gather up.  If you have any extra’s at your house that you’re not using send them my way for another project to see.

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Spoon-it Again


Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted.  I’ve been super busy helping my daughter with FFA stuff as she runs for District Officer.  Along with gathering old airplane pictures my son has taken to send to him in college for a research paper. Talk about a walk down memory lane.

Well, this project took us a few days to complete because we have been so busy.  So once again we took our Warrenton finds (you can read about our trip there here), more spoons and an old belt.


Step 1 was to cut the buckle end off the belt, then take it and measure the length around her wrist.  You have to allow an overlap to accommodate the snap that will close it.  Once you cut the appropriate length, just sit it aside while you work on the spoon.

The beginning process of the spoon is basically the same as the necklace we made.  You can read about it here.  We flattened the spoon, and then cut the handle off with a zip cut right where it attached to the spoon part.  Then we ground that edge to make it follow the curve of the spoon.

I have to digress here a minute and explain that our daughter is in high school, and is at that time in her life where she is trying to find her place.  She is trying different school activities trying to find what her passion is so she can choose a career that she will go to college for.  Also in high school comes the peer pressure issues and drama with friends and classmates.  All this led to her in choosing the words to stamp into the spoon.  She chose “Follow Your Arrow”.

At this point we cleaned this spoon with a very fine steel wool and then stamped the words in to the spoon. I chose a curvy line for the word “follow” to illustrate going down a path.

BraceletWool     SpoonPunch

I bought a snap kit and rivet kit from Hancock Fabrics to assemble the bracelet.  We also added a concho I already had on hand. To add all of this you have to use a leather punch to punch holes in the leather so the snap and rivets will go through the belt.  I also had to curve the spoon and concho to the curve of her wrist.

Here is the finished project.

Bracelet  BracletArm

You can see here on the back where the rivets and concho were screwed in.  You can’t even feel it when you have it on.


I think it turned out really cute, and I know my daughter will get lots of wear out of it.  I will probably even be borrowing it!

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We were really busy this weekend with finally cleaning the house (it was in desperate need), doing the first mowing of the season, spraying the weeds, and finally starting on our projects from the goods we bought on our trip to Texas Antiques Week.  Click over here and you can read about our trip.

Here is one of the purchases we made for $3, a vintage spoon with great patina.


We were looking for these because our daughter wanted a necklace that was inspired by all the spoon art we were seeing there.

First, we took the lace I had purchased at Hobby Lobby, and put in some tea to give it a vintage stain.


As the lace was brewing, her dad flattened out the spoon and bent the handle to make a loop for the necklace.  Then I went to work punching a saying she had chosen.  (She obviously has the dandelion spring fever like me, as you will see in the finished project.)


This is a metal punch set I bought at Harbor Freight awhile back (if you go get one make sure you take a coupon).  You have to punch on a firm surface, and only hit firmly once so the punch doesn’t move.  You don’t have to be perfect on your letter placement, because everything we saw in Warrenton wasn’t perfect.  That’s what gives it some character!  She also wanted a little bling, so we glued on a small strip of rhinestone to the top.

Here is her finished necklace.  She loves it and is picking out the perfect outfit to wear it with!  Not bad for our first attempt.

spoonnecklaceblue                                   SpoonNecklace2

We love the vintage look of it, along with the hand stamped letters.  It has so much character and love in it.

If you are interested in the process of flattening out the spoon, leave me a comment and get back with you.

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Cute Cheap Baskets


Hope you all are preparing to celebrate Easter, because He has Risen!  Our kids are older, but I still like to do a little something special for them at Easter.  I have never been crazy about those store bought Easter baskets.  There’s nothing special about them to me,  but they are good for hunting and holding lots of eggs.  Our kids don’t hunt eggs anymore, so I wanted something smaller to just hold a little gift.  I got this basket idea from the talented Margie Romney-Aslett. She comes up with AMAZING low cost crafts that you can put your own spin on.

These little baskets are so inexpensive and can be used for all sorts of things.  Spring decor, Sprint Mantel, used to hold small gifts or gift cards, hold party favors, the ideas are limitless.  Not only are you giving a gift, but the packaging is also a cute gift of your craftiness.

First I bought some peat pots used to grow plants in, and cut some squares from old book pages.  And then I used Modge Podge to adhere the book page squares to the pot.

EBasketMatl  EBasketModPod

The next step is to use your Modge Podge to coat the top edge of the pot, and then sprinkle glitter on it.


Cut 2 circles the size of the bottom of the pot and Modge Podge book pages on one side.  This will be used later for the bottom of the basket.


Once all this dries you can continue on.  Punch a hole on each side of the pot just under the glitter to hold the handle.  For the handle take 2 pipe cleaners and twist them together, then insert the ends into the holes and hot glue the ends down.


Next take some crepe paper and just hot glue it around the inside edge of the peat pot making little ruffles as you go.


Now for the bottom.  Take 3 to 4 coffee filters, separate them, and crinkle the center.  Then you will glue these to the bottom of the pot, and then glue the round cardboard bottom to the coffee filters.


Here is what it will look like sitting upright.


Now for the fun part….adding your embellishments to personalize it.

For each side where the handle is attached I made a small junk bow.  This is just a bow made from scraps of ribbon you have.  You can add anything you want to these.  I used ribbon, book pages, twine, and lace.


Attach these bows to each side of the handle with hot glue.


Then add any embellishment you want to it.  I added some tickets up top, because I love tickets and think they are fun.  I also embellished each basket differently to reflect our kids and something I thought they would like.  Our daughter likes flowers, and our son likes typography.   Here they are all finished, and ready to stuff with some fun Easter treats.



These are very inexpensive to make.  Peat pots are cheap, and I got a stack from Wal-Mart.  The crepe paper, tickets, and pipe cleaners came from Dollar Tree.  The rest I had on hand.  These only take 30-45 minutes to do, and are so cute and original.  I hope you find time to make one for someone special for Easter.

Happy Easter!

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Dandelion Chair


Spring is finally here in Texas, well outside of this 2 day cool spell we just had.  However it should be close to 80 this weekend.  One of my most favorite things about spring is this…..


Dandelions!  I love these.  I love to pick them and watch them blow in the wind.  So this was my inspiration for a recent chair project.

My Nana passed away almost 4 years ago, and I got this old chair when we were cleaning out her house.  She used this on her small patio.  I love the look of this chair, wanted to do something special with it, but never knew exactly were to go with it.  Is it in perfect condition – No.  Does it have character – Yes.  Is it special to me – Yes!


The first thing I did was sand it down to remove the paint.  The back thin wood was a little warped from being outside, but I didn’t want to repair it and mess it up.  So we used wood glue and tried to smooth the back out the best we could.

I went shopping looking for a beautiful blue paint color that reminded me of the sky.  As I was looking at paint chips at Home Depot, I walked past the mis-tint shelf.  I looked over all the paint cans, and there it was, a quart of the perfect blue paint.  How lucky I was because it was also at the perfect price of $2.  Thanks Home Depot for such a beautiful mis-tint.

Once the glue was dried, I began painting the chair.


I then let it dry overnight as I tried to figure out how I would paint the dandelions on it.  The next day, I finally came up with a pattern and lightly drew it on the back with a piece of white chalk.  I tried to tint this picture so that you could see the very light pattern I drew.


Yes the wood is a little bumpy, but we were afraid removing that would really mess up the chair back due to how it was attached.  So we left it for added character, and to remind me of how Nana used it outside on her patio.

Then I took a bottle of white acrylic paint I already had and began painting over my pattern.

chairpaintingAs I painted I had great support from my entertaining daughter.  This girl makes me laugh! I painted as she recited Ag questions to me to study for her test.


Here is the finished chair.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!  It has that look of spring, and now just needs the perfect spot.  Hope it makes you think of those fun times of being outside picking dandelions, and watching them blow in the wind.

chairfinal2                                      ChairClose

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