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Cute Cheap Baskets


Hope you all are preparing to celebrate Easter, because He has Risen!  Our kids are older, but I still like to do a little something special for them at Easter.  I have never been crazy about those store bought Easter baskets.  There’s nothing special about them to me,  but they are good for hunting and holding lots of eggs.  Our kids don’t hunt eggs anymore, so I wanted something smaller to just hold a little gift.  I got this basket idea from the talented Margie Romney-Aslett. She comes up with AMAZING low cost crafts that you can put your own spin on.

These little baskets are so inexpensive and can be used for all sorts of things.  Spring decor, Sprint Mantel, used to hold small gifts or gift cards, hold party favors, the ideas are limitless.  Not only are you giving a gift, but the packaging is also a cute gift of your craftiness.

First I bought some peat pots used to grow plants in, and cut some squares from old book pages.  And then I used Modge Podge to adhere the book page squares to the pot.

EBasketMatl  EBasketModPod

The next step is to use your Modge Podge to coat the top edge of the pot, and then sprinkle glitter on it.


Cut 2 circles the size of the bottom of the pot and Modge Podge book pages on one side.  This will be used later for the bottom of the basket.


Once all this dries you can continue on.  Punch a hole on each side of the pot just under the glitter to hold the handle.  For the handle take 2 pipe cleaners and twist them together, then insert the ends into the holes and hot glue the ends down.


Next take some crepe paper and just hot glue it around the inside edge of the peat pot making little ruffles as you go.


Now for the bottom.  Take 3 to 4 coffee filters, separate them, and crinkle the center.  Then you will glue these to the bottom of the pot, and then glue the round cardboard bottom to the coffee filters.


Here is what it will look like sitting upright.


Now for the fun part….adding your embellishments to personalize it.

For each side where the handle is attached I made a small junk bow.  This is just a bow made from scraps of ribbon you have.  You can add anything you want to these.  I used ribbon, book pages, twine, and lace.


Attach these bows to each side of the handle with hot glue.


Then add any embellishment you want to it.  I added some tickets up top, because I love tickets and think they are fun.  I also embellished each basket differently to reflect our kids and something I thought they would like.  Our daughter likes flowers, and our son likes typography.   Here they are all finished, and ready to stuff with some fun Easter treats.



These are very inexpensive to make.  Peat pots are cheap, and I got a stack from Wal-Mart.  The crepe paper, tickets, and pipe cleaners came from Dollar Tree.  The rest I had on hand.  These only take 30-45 minutes to do, and are so cute and original.  I hope you find time to make one for someone special for Easter.

Happy Easter!

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