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Seed the Deal


We have seen, drooled over, seed bins at many flea markets over the years.  They were always really long or big enough to be a kitchen island.  Every time we would see one we would try really hard to figure out how it would work, but in the end we would leave empty-handed.  Until while in Austin, TX, we stumbled upon one.  Smaller, check, good shape, check, wouldn’t stick out too far from the wall, check, and reasonable price, check.  After a little happy dance, we seized the deal.

We loaded it up, brought it home, and went to work cleaning it up.


I cleaned it up using just plain ol’ soap and water, and a shop vac.  (Excuse the HUGE mess in the background, Operation Shed Clean Up is being planned as I write.)  Then I went over the wood with Old English furniture oil in the lighter color.

This bin has an original decal in the lower right corner drawer!  Nothing like a little piece of history still remaining.

Next came the hunt for some vintage looking seed packets that didn’t cost a small fortune.  I finally found some cute vintage looking ones at Lowe’s.



I just taped each seed packet to the see through window.  I thought about pouring seeds and beans in the front portion like they used to, but then we decided open seeds equals bugs here in the country.  Yuck!

I now use this to hold cake decorating stuff (cupcake Liners, milk bottles, and a few other odds and ends). I love the look in our house, the extra storage, and the old farm country look.  Now we can check that item off our list!  I just have to keep from using it to hold my purse, keys, and mail when I walk in the door.


Bracken-man Has Got It Going On


This project was thought up and done by our son.  Hence the title of this post.  So did you read the post title and start singing “Stacy’s Mom Has Got it Going On”?  (Because I totally did!)

Remember back on this post about the Junk Gypsy Garage Sale Battle that we went to?  Well here is the purchase made by our son, 5 insulators.  He had an idea to use these.


Almost 2 weeks ago he found a map repo on eBay to use for this project.  So this week while he was home for spring break, project insulator was done.

First thing he did was trim the border off the map, then measured and cut the piece of wood to fit the map.  The wood backing he used was from an old poster frame.



Next he used modge podge to attach the map to the board.  He also used a roller to make sure the map stuck all over to the wood.

mapmodge mapmodge2

This was left to dry overnight before he continued.  The next day he prepared the insulators by first cutting off the long bolt attached to them.  To do this he used a man’s favorite tool……the zip cut.  I asked him what did people do before they invented zip cuts, and he said “On the 5th day God created the zip cut, then on the 6th day he made man to use it.”  Anything that throws sparks makes my hubs and son happy.  After cutting off the attached bolt, he used a grinder to make the end smooth.’

mapgrindstem mapgrindstem1

Now here is where it can be easier or complicated.  I would have attached the insulators with E6000 glue, but he and his dad chose a different route.  They opted to use it on the lathe to drill and tap a hole to screw it to the wood.  Here are some pic’s to show you that process.


Once all 5 had a hole drilled in them, he had to figure out the placement.  First he drew a star template so that he could mark the location of the points of the star.

mapstar mapstarlayout

Once the 5 points were marked, he drilled a hole for each one to be able to attach the insulators.  Before he drilled the hole he place a piece of scotch tape over the mark so the drill didn’t tear the map.


Next was to screw in each insulator from the back.

mapinsulatorplaceAfter all 5 were screwed in, it was time to bend the barbed wire.  Since he gathered a weathered piece from the pasture, we laid towels over the map to collect the rust.  This was a 3 person job, because we needed all the hands we could to hold and bend the barbed wire.



Once his star pattern was drawn, he had to tie the two ends back together.  To do this they tried different things, but settled on a piece of leather cording.

mapleather mapleather1

That is it.  He now has an awesome picture to hang on his wall that he thought up and created all on his own.  Thank you Junk Gypsies for being an inspiration, and supplying the items that sparked his creativity.


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DIY Furniture Frame Repair


Sometimes we think “you can’t have nice things with kids”.  I know as our kids are reading this their eyes are rolling back in their head.  Last week one of them sat on the couch and we heard this loud pop.  It really wasn’t their fault, but rather the cheaper furniture construction that is done these days.

You have to understand that I’m married to Mr. Frugal Fix It, and I thank God for putting us together because he saves us lots of moola.  He is super talented, and amazingly creative at coming up with ways to fix things.


I knew that he could fix it instead of having to haul it to a upholestry shop.  Once he could see what happened, I knew he would have a fix for it.  After you see how easy this can be repaired, you will be able to tackle your own furniture repairs!

First we flipped the broken part of the sectional on its side., then pulled the staples off the black fabric that is usually on the bottom of furniture.  Just use pliers to pull those staples out.

couchonside  Couchbackoff

Once we could pull the black fabric down, we saw the cause of the break.  There was a big knot in the wood where a another piece was connected to it.  The breaking of this knot caused the bump you can see farther back on the upholstery in the picture below.



Here’s what it looked like inside.  You can see where that knot broke out and weakened that joint.  Which later caused it to break.


The first thing G did was to gather the finish nail gun, and the enormous amount of air hose.  Good thing he has hundreds of feet of hose (I could line my shoes end to end and not reach this far).  I mean really, look at all this hose.

couchairhose2 Couchairhose3

Next he cut a piece of 3/4 inch plywood in a rectangle to scab this joint together.


This is the support that came out when the other part broke.


He had to glue this support back into place, so the part where the knot was would go back into place.  He put wood glue on the joint, clamped it together, and then nailed it with the finish nail gun.



Fixing this support brought the broken part back in line.  Next he glued together what was left on the knot joint.


Then he took his 3/4 inch plywood piece, and glued it to that support he fixed earlier with the clamp and to this joint.  Once it was glued and put in place, he used the finish nail gun to nail it into place.  On the part that is glued to the knot joint, he just angled the nail in to the plywood so it would catch the bottom knot joint board.  He put in several nails to hold this in place.

couchglueboard couchfixboard

couchfixboardnail couchfixboardnailknot

That’s all he did.  It was done!  All I needed to do to finish it was to staple the fabric back onto the bottom of the couch.


So in a few hours we had it fixed and good as new.  We just let it sit for 24 hours so the glue had time to dry.  I hope that this calms your fears next time you hear that “crack” in a piece of your furniture.  This is a lot cheaper than paying someone to fix it for you.  I hope you will pull off that fabric and take a look to see if you can just fix it yourself.

Upcycle License Plates


As you all may know, we think everything is bigger in Texas.  So why not upcycle something to represent my great state.  You’ve probably seen these pictures around everywhere from Target to Bed Bath & Beyond.


I’ve always liked these, but thought “what if we just did Texas?”  WE, because this took 3 of us (me, G the hubs, and our son) to work with license plates.  I went to the DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicle) and asked if for some strange reason people actually returned their old plates to them when they were issued new ones.  The lady told me, “you would be surprised how many we get returned to us.”  So in true junkin’ fashion, I asked her if I could have some.  She gave me about 30 of them for free.  They were a little dirty, but so what they were free.


The first thing I did was give them all a good washing with dish soap and water.  Then once they were dry I picked out the cleanest ones.  We needed a pattern to shape these plates into Texas, so in comes the Texas size pattern out of cardboard.


We then put the plates side by side, to form a large square that was bigger than our pattern. We flipped them all over and laid the pattern on them backwards.  Next we drew around the pattern on the plates so the state of Texas was drawn backwards on the back of our square of plates.  So sorry I didn’t take a picture of this, I totally forgot.  We got so busy trying to keep it all lined up that I forgot to snap a pic.

Then we needed to cut each plate to form the borders of the state with tin snips.  These are just like big scissors for tin.  This took all 3 of us because it was SLOW going with all those river boundaries.  If you do this with a state that has straight lines it will be a lot easier.


Cut your pattern out of these plates just like cutting out a pattern.  Once you get them all cut out and flipped over you have the state of Texas. (I’m not showing you a picture here because I don’t want to spoil the end result.)

To hold all this together we went through our stash of old weathered lumber.  We gathered up enough pieces for G to  screw them together to form a base to mount the plates on.


Here is what it looks like once you lay them out and screw them together.  You can use a Kregg Jig, or just put a smaller piece of wood (1×3) vertically along the back and screw to it from the back.  Either one of these ways will keep you screws hidden.


Now you need to lay your plates down of the wood mount in the shape of Texas, and screw them in place.


Once we had them all screwed into place, G took a star brand and fancied up the corners.  Here is our finished project that is hanging in the game/workout room.


G just screwed it in directly to a stud due to the weight of it.  We now have Ian original piece of art work for our workout/game room.  (Sorry you can see the shadow of the weight bench, but I couldn’t move it by myself.)

Go shopping at your local ReStore, Goodwill, or DMV and see what you can upcycle for your home.  Let me know what you’ve done.

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Tishomingo Pink Pistol


Our weekend started off with going to see this guy, because we sure do miss him.


 We had a great weekend just hanging out around OKC, and spending time together.  On our way back to Texas Sunday, we made a detour over to Tishomingo to go to this place……


The Pink Pistol!!!!  We have been trying to get by here on our trips up there, but would never make it during their store hours.  Now that they are open on Sundays, we put it on the list to do this weekend.  It was a great detour that was well worth it.

The road trip to Tishomingo and the town itself are so “vintagey” (I know that isn’t a real word, but that is how I felt while there).  It’s a small town in the middle of the country, with one main street.  Because it was such a vintage feel, I decided to through it back with some Polaroids of the store itself.  Nothing like traveling back to a simpler time!

The pink and white awning grabs your attention once you hit town.  Then the window displays are amazing.  They were so inviting, and we just stood there looking at all the details like it was Macy’s Christmas window.  There was so much detail and imagination put into them.

windowdisplayfix3windowdisplayfix1  windowdisplayfix2

  Once inside there is something to been seen from the ceiling to floor and in every corner.  The displays are fantastic!  They have used old furniture, truck beds, shelving, just about anything quirky and cute.  I knew that Junk Gypsy’s helped out, and you could see their flair in there as well.  I love the styling of those 2 girls, and that combined with Miranda Lambert made for a great store with Attitude!  Just take a peek of what was inside!

bootdisplayfix pinkattitudefix

crossfix ceilingdisplayfix


Before you leave though you have to stop off at the soda bar to get a soda, float, or the signature “pink pistol” drink.


This fun little detour had our daughter feeling like a princess for a few hours!  She has been dying to get by there, so this made her day.



Junkin’ Trip


Sunday was the first “Junkin’ Trip” the hubs and I did. We had a great time climbing and digging through piles of stuff looking for that diamond in the rough.

It seems the more you dig, the more your creative juices start flowing. Towards the end, you’re going back to piles you already dug through because you start thinking of things you could try with what you had originally left behind.  Then you get into the whole, should I ask for more than I already I have conversation in your head.  My thinking is…it doesn’t hurt to ask, all they can say is no.

Here is our truck loaded down with everything to take back to the casa.


We are totally digging this keyboard.  I’m going to have to get on Pinterest for some inspiration for the keyboard and ladder.  Leave me a comment of any ideas you may have for the keyboard or ladder!

Now we just need to find the time to get creative! I believe our creativity comes from blessings that are granted from the Lord.  He blesses our life each day as we create and build all these fun things.

Mouse Trap!


I bet your thinking about playing the game mouse trap when you were a kid, and yelling that out when you won!  Well, this has nothing to do with that.  It has to do with the Pinterest Challenge done by Young House Love and BowerPower.  Two other amazing bloggers participate in this event as well, so go check out The Remoldeled Life and Decor and the Dog.  I’ve been reading about their Pinterest Challenge ever since they started these unofficial challenges.  Now that I have a blog, I decided…..Chica Get On That!  I need to quit pinning a bazillion things and actually put more of those pins into action.  I have way to many pins existing in cyber space.

So my inspiration came from Ella Claire and the awesome idea she did for her family room. We are in a redo of our teenage daughters room, and you know how teenagers LOVE to hang up photos, quotes, etc….  So in comes this cute design by Ella Claire that I saw that involves……


Yes mouse traps!  I can’t stand mice, but this doesn’t involve any of those little creatures, so I’m in.

First you have to remove everything except the spring-loaded arm part.  You can just use a pair of needle nose pliers for this because everything pops off easily.


Then you need to sand anything down that isn’t smooth on the face of the trap.  I had to smooth that little “V” and mouse point thing down.  Then paint them whatever color you want.  We picked white since her room is going to be white, beige, and teal.  (Sorry for the weird lines in the photo, but I paint on the torn trampoline mat that is still on the frame because our kids have outgrown it. It keeps it off the ground and works amazingly well.)


Next decide what you would like to paint on the top portion.  You can select numbers, letters, designs, or just leave blank.  My daughter wanted her initials, so we picked a font she liked and did the letters the size we needed in Word with WordArt.  (Please excuse the beige tint in the pictures, I couldn’t get the white balance to work right.)

Next I colored the back of the paper with colored chalk so I could trace it on to the mouse trap.  You could also cut a stencil out on your Cricut or Silhouette.  I have a Cricut, but need a new mat and was too lazy to go to town.  You opt for Plan B when you live in the country, and don’t want to make the trek to town.  Therefore I did it this way.  Once you color the back of the paper (to make tracing paper), then place the chalk side down and trace around the letter.



Here is the chalk letter that remains on the trap once you trace it.


Next paint your letter that you traced on to the trap. Pick a contrasting color so your design will pop.  I then sanded the edges and letter to give it a distressed look (since her room will have a vintage edge to it).


Here is a close up of one of the letters so that you can see the distressing.


Once she finally decided on pictures to put in the mouse trap clips, we printed them out on the computer.   We placed the pictures in the clip, and it holds it very tightly. We attached it to the board with those Command velcro type strips.  The ideas are limitless because you could hang kids artwork, memos, pictures, or quotes in these.

These were fun to make, and only cost under $2 for a 2-pack.  The paint we already had.  Scroll back up to the first paragraph and go check out all the other ideas on the linked blog sites.


Decide what you need to hang on these cute clips and get to creating.  Remember…..