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Vintage Drilling


As you probably know y now, I love old vintage things.  Anything from furniture, tools, industrial pieces, and home decor.  One thing I’m always drawn to is the old hand tools.  I’ve always thought the old hand drills were pretty neat, and I love to check them out.  I wanted one, but I just didn’t know what to do with it.  Then I stumbled upon Funky Junk Interiors, and got the idea from her.  She does some pretty amazing things.  With God on our side, I had a coworker/friend who gave us her dad’s old hand drill.  How nice is that? Here she is with our son at his graduation a year ago.

Patdrill                             HandDrill

I took the inspiration from Funky Junk Interiors, some old fence boards, and got started on it.  I measured the drill to determine how big the crate would be, and  from these measurements I cut all the pieces with a miter saw.


The next step was to use the finish nailer to build the bottom box.


Next I needed to drill holes in the top of the sides for the drill to slip into for the handle.  The actual handle part had to have a slit cut in the wood so it would slide down in to it.  The other end was just screwed together once it was through the hole.  Then it was all nailed together with the finish nailer.

Don’t be jealous of my mismatched work clothes.  Apparently I didn’t match my Garanimal tags.

sideholesdrill    slotdrill    Nailitdrill

Here is what the finished project looks like.  I love it, and so did my friend.

finishdrill            finishdrill2

Here is a close up of the handles inserted into the ends.

handledrill      enddrill

If you have any old family tools, gather them up, and look at them from a different perspective.  Who knows what you could build with them.  Just get creative.